MyAssistant for Sage Timberline Office
Automatic alerts, report generation, and document distribution

Information when it's needed
MyAssistant improves communication, reduces errors, and increases productivity. Designed specifically for Sage Timberline Office, MyAssistant proactively identifies what needs to be done, determines who needs to be informed, and automatically performs the task. MyAssistant delivers essential information, when it’s needed.

It can:
  • Request insurance certificates
  • Remind customers of delinquent invoices
  • Generate and distribute reports
  • Alert operations of over budget cost codes
  • Notify managers of expiring leases
  • Audit Timberline processes
Product overview
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Click the following links to view the hundreds of construction and real estate prebuilt rules that ship with MyAssistant, allowing you to receive alerts the day it's installed.
An assistant for your business
MyAssistant can monitor and take action based on any information in Timberline, including custom fields. Over 300 prebuilt rules ship with the system, and you can create your own. Whatever your business, MyAssistant extends the power of Sage Timberline Office.
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MyAssitant for Construction

MyAssistant for Specialty Contractors

MyAssistant for Real Estate Companies

300+ Prebuilt Rules

Whatever your business, MyAssistant can help you improve communications, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

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Extend Sage Timberline Office
"It's a 'must have' for anyone using Sage Timberline."

- Kay Howe, Foremost Management