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Clients improve their business with MyAssistant

Customers describe how MyAssistant improves their business
Over 800 companies use MyAssistant for Sage Timberline Office to help them run their business. Click the links below to read how clients, in their own words, benefit from MyAssistant.

Foremost [GC, specialty] identifies important issues and improves communication

Paramount Property Management [commercial] makes better decisions

Oilfield Electric [electrical] manages their service business

MCC [construction management, GC] generates and distributes reports

Merchandise Mart Properties [property management] automates statement delivery

Timberline Landscaping [landscaping] improves cash flow

Todd Construction [GC] automates project documentation and follow-up

RG Construction [wall and ceiling] increases productivity

RestoreCore [restoration services] gets visibility into their business

GLY [GC] streamlines processes

Hunter Davisson [commercial mechanical] identifies problems and saves time

Stevens Construction [GC] stays on top of details

Keystone Property Group [development] delivers information in real time

Hull Associates [commercial framing] ensures policies and procedures are followed

Rex Moore [electrical] gets important information to the people that need it

Chrisp Company [highway] generates and distributes reports to the right people

Clark Realty [residential] saves time and reduces errors

Product overview
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Click the following links to view the hundreds of construction and real estate prebuilt rules that ship with MyAssistant, allowing you to receive alerts the day it's installed.

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"MyAssistant saves me at least four hours a week..."

- Brian Garcea, RG Construction